Rekindling the love with the blog and becoming a mummy!

After a 12 month hiatus I have decided to rekindle my romance with my blog. When I first signed into my blog this evening I was surprised it had in fact been just over a year since my last post, this past year has flown for me and has been one of the most life changing. Late September my husband and I welcomed a baby boy into our lives and so my hands have been rather full. The 9 months preceding I found myself extremely busy with work, home renovations, our furbaby and preparing for life with a newborn.

As I headed into maternity leave with excitement for the down time, long lunches, coffee dates, shopping, cooking up a storm and relaxing as much as possible, I was also intending to spend some quality time updating suburban sparkle. All plans went out the window when Ethan arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule. While they say that babies can be born any time between 37 and 42 weeks I truly did not expect him to come early as everyone I spoke to said first babies always go over and being on the ‘smaller’ side the longer he cooked the better. Clearly he had other ideas.

Those first few weeks in the newborn bubble, when life is a 3 hourly cycle of feeding, burping, changing and sleeping and you have little time to do anything I wondered how parents ever made it out of the house let alone opened up a computer. I wondered how I’d ever have time to do anything I enjoyed like cooking and photography and blogging. Well here we are…16 weeks into parenthood and we’re getting ourselves into a good little routine.

So from hereon in I plan to share some new recipes and as we head into introducing solids, I’ll share some of my baby food ones too, in addition to my adventures as a new mum.



Photo credit: Jade Robinson Photography

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